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No, this isn’t a joke.

Though going by past experiences, the campaign will die halfway through. Still, worth a shot.

Expected play time: Fridays, 7~8pm Eastern start time. If you value a Friday night social life, you will not join. That means try very hard to show up a little before 7, so we can get into ‘game mode’ by 7 or so.
Sessions can run to 10pm, to midnight or until the sun comes up and we’re all groaning like zombies. It depends how long everyone can play and if we’re in the mood for it.

Please note that we’ll be playing with Game Table, RC8. You can find it here:
However, due to difficulties in hosting the standard way, everyone needs Hamachi in order to join the game session. You can download Hamachi here:

HOWEVER! Since GT doesn’t allow saving logs, we’ll be doing the actual conversation in an IRC channel, which will tell the players once everyone is in. I’d like to keep it private, to prevent trolling. So you’ll need an IRC capable utility. I suggest Pidgin.

I’m okay with observers, it’s just that I want to keep the channel as invite only as possible. Apparently the campaign is far more popular than I expected. I’d rather avoid the channel getting clogged with a lot of people.

The part where I have too much time on my hands.

Thumb through the wiki. For obvious reasons, we’ll be using custom races with a few specific rules. I’m still working on game balance and feats (if any), but I’m aiming for minimal alterations.

Rule Changes:

Earth Pony

And we’re all nerds.


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