Pastures & Ponies

Cultists? Neigh!
About what it sounds like.

So, it’s been a busy few days for our intrepid adventureponies!

They’ve rescued a little filly from drakes, discovered an ancient ruin (albeit not very impressive ruins), accepted a task to deliver important archeological information and…

And they’ve stopped a cultist plot to resurrect Nightmare Moon.

It seems a group known as the Seekers of Midnight, lead by one Flame Scar, kidnapped one Gallops, Sr. for use as a sacrifice in a ritual to resurrect the evil alicorn. However, as our adventurers were acting as body guards for the Gallops (merchants in need of protect as they traveled from Clopton to Binkydale), they were able to react quickly.

With Sharp Notes supernatural perception (waves at the ponies) they quickly found and followed the trail of the ‘bandits’ who had kidnapped their temporary employer.

After a rather intense sortie with the earth pony Flame Scar and his minions, the adventurers were able to disable enough of the cult followers to force their retreat, but not before Flame Scar swore he would try again to resurrect his ‘Lady’, Nightmare Moon.

The adventurers have not yet been reached for comments.

Public panic is minimal, as public awareness seems rather low. Only three ponies from Ponyville have been confirmed to have panicked, but this is probably unrelated.


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