Amber Melissa Keensteel


Name: Amber Melissa Keensteel
Player: Ilushia
Race: Earth Pony
Gender: Female
Eyes: Green
Fur: Orange-Gold
Mane/Tail: Red
Cutie Mark: Steel chopping board with axe embedded in it.
Alignment: Good

Class: Barbarian
Level: 2

HP: 44/44
Healing Surges: 12/12
Healing Surge Value: 11
Bloodied Value: 22

Action Points: 1

Speed: 6
Size: Medium
Vision: Normal

Armor Class: 17 (10+3 Armor+1 Dex+1 Class+1 Level+1 Enhancement)
Melee Attack Bonus: 9 (4 Strength+2 Weapon+1 Feat+1 Level+1 Enhancement)
Melee Damage Base: 1d12+5 (1d12+4 Strength+1 Enhancement)

Reflex: 14 (10+1 Class+1 Dex+1 Level+1 Enhancement)
Fort: 18 (10+4 Con+2 Class+1 Level+1 Enhancement)
Will: 14 (10+1 Wis+1 Race+1 Level+1 Enhancement)

Str: 18 ( +4)
Dex: 12 ( +1)
Con: 18 ( +4)
Int: 10 ( +0)
Wis: 8 ( -1)
Cha: 12 ( +1)

Attribute Bonus 4:
Attribute Bonus 8:
Attribute Bonus 14:
Attribute Bonus 18:
Attribute Bonus 24:
Attribute Bonus 28:

Skills: +2 Endurance; +2 Athletics
Athletics (Str)
Endurance (Con)
Perception (Wis)

Weapon Expertise: Axes ( +1 to hit with Axes)
Toughness ( +5 HP)

At-Will Powers:
Devastating Strike (Melee Weapon. Target: One creature. Attack: Strength vs AC. Hit: 1[W]+1d8+Strength mod damage. Effect: Until start of next turn all attackers gain + 2 bonus to hit user, negated if raging.)
Recuperating Strike (Melee Weapon. Target: One creature. Attack: Strength vs AC. Hit: 1[W]+Strength mod damage, gain temp HP equal to Con modifier or 5 + Con modifier if raging.)

Encounter Powers:
Stampede (Free Action. Trigger: You hit with a Charge attack. Effect: Triggering attack deals 1[W] more damage.)
Swift Charge (Free Action. Trigger: Your attack reduces an enemy to 0 hit points. Effect: You charge an enemy.)
Avalanche Strike (Melee Weapon. Target: One creature. Attack: Strength vs AC. Hit: 3[W] + Strength mod + Con mod damage. Effect: Until start of next turn all attackers gain + 4 to hit user.)

Daily Powers:
Bloodhunt Rage (Melee Weapon. Target: One creature. Attack: Strength vs AC. Hit: 3[W]+Strength mod damage. Miss: Half damage. Effect: Enter rage of bloodhunt granting +Con mod melee damage if either self or target is bloodied.)

Utility Powers:
Primal Vitality (Daily. Minor Action. Effect: Gain temp HP equal to 1/2 level + Con mod, or 1/2 level + 2x Con Mod if raging.)

Class Features:
Armor Proficiency (Cloth, Leather, Hide)
Weapon Proficiency (Simple Melee, Military Melee)
Defense Bonus ( +2 Class to Fortitude)
Barbarian Agility ( +1 to AC and Reflex when not wearing heavy armor)
Feral Might: Rageblood Vigor (Gain Con Modifier temp HP every time attack reduces target to 0 HP. Gain Swift Charge power.)
Rage Strike (Gain Rage Strike power at level 5)
Rampage (On crit get free basic attack once per round.)

Race Features:
Stubborn ( +1 Racial to Will Saves)
Stand Fast ( -1 to forced movement distances)
Hauler ( +2 Str for Lift/Carry/Drag)
Stampede (Gain Stampede Encounter Power)

Languages: Common, Draconic

Equipment: +1 Vanguard Greataxe ( +1d8 damage on Charges. Daily: Minor Action. Activate when making Charge, if charge hits allies within 10 squares gain +1 to hit and + user’s Cha Mod to damage until start of user next turn.), +1 Magic Hide Armor, +1 Cloak of Resistance (Daily: Minor Action. Gain resist 5 to all damage until start of next turn.), 5x Potion of Healing, Sidepack, 5x Sunrod, Trail Rations (20 days), Waterskin x2, Hempen Rope (100 ft), 270 gp.

Exp: 1,105/2,250


Background: Born in a small town of ponies somewhat removed from most of the rest of Equestria, Amber’s home town had a strong divide on what was considered appropriate for men or women to do with their lives. So it was that despite being larger and stronger than either of her brothers she was relegated to keeping the house along with her mother while her brothers learned to tend the forges and work metal alongside their father. She proved to have no talent and little capacity to learn the arts of cooking, cleaning or homemaking, instead spending her free time watching the few guards of the town train with fascination. But she knew she couldn’t join them, so she did her best for her family, even though her best wasn’t particularly good. For years she felt unfulfilled until one day a group of bandits came to the town demanding tribute to leave them alone, having easily defeated the town’s guards already. The citizens were all prepared to pay the bandits to leave them alone, but Amber felt something was wrong with simply surrendering their home that way. Instead, she stole an axe from her father’s workshop and rushed into the streets, charging into the bandits with ferocity and strength. Possessed of a desire to protect her friends and family and strength and endurance far beyond average even for an Earth Pony, each enemy she beat back emboldend her further to continue her assault. In minutes the bandits fled from the town in panic, not wanting to fight her any longer. Finally having found her talent, and a desire to use it, Amber packed the few things she had and left her home knowing she wouldn’t match their desires for what she should be, instead choosing to find her place in the larger world of Equestria.

Amber Melissa Keensteel

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