Flame Scar

Angry earth pony wants to BURN THE WORLD! ...And rebuid it after.


A disenfranchised earth pony stallion, Scar is one of the three Nightmares, the leaders of the Seekers of Midnight. The title was adopted at his insistence.

Scar is well muscled, but not overly tall or broad, with more of a lean and toned physic. His coat and mane are dark blue.

According to Scar himself, it was a painful childhood and unpleasant adulthood that lead to his deeply seeded hatred of unicorns and milder dislike of pegasi. He claims to have done some traveling and come to the conclusion that the only way to change the world is to tear down the current regime and build a new government in its place.

Flame Scar also claims to hear the voice of his Lady, who he claims is Nightmare Moon herself. Or at least the essence of Nightmare Moon that drove Luna mad and lead to her imprisonment. His current goal is apparently to revive Nightmare Moon in a new body so she can take over Equestria. He claims the revived Nightmare Moon will be a far more benevolent leader if the ritual goes as planned, but no evidence currently supports this claim.

Due to his hatred of unicorns, his alliance with Cold Snap may be strained. Mez, Scar’s direct lieutenant, is one of the few unicorns he shows anything close to compassion towards.

Scar’s leadership is a strange one; He has little difficulty injuring his followers in an attack on the party (at least when they’re actively fighting him), but he’ll order his injured followers to retreat while he stays behind.

Flame Scar carries the Spellplague and is Spellscarred. When he uses this power, his coat grows darker, while his eyes glow and his mane and tail erupt in blue fire. He also claims this power was a gift from His Lady.

Flame Scar

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