Little librarian pony! More than a little weird.


A filly unicorn with longer leg proportions, suggesting she’s on her way to adulthood. Nearly every square inch of her body is hidden beneath a dark robe, except for the end of her muzzle. An orange glow emanates from beneath her hood.

Lore is intelligent, knowledgeable and apparently quite good at magic. She claims she knows quite a few scrying rituals. She was also able to spot that Sharp had seen the Death of Ponies, Binky, at a glance.

Despite being knowledgeable and helpful, she occasionally makes rude remarks without a second thought. She also has a sarcastic lean. Not necessarily insufferable, but testing.

She has claimed that knowing everything is her purpose in life, and expresses displeasure when she doesn’t know something relevant. Lore has also mentioned how she is ‘Only at the height of her power’ within her library.


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