Flame Scar’s right hand minion and prized lieutenant. Mez is a dark blue unicorn that is, in a word, crazy.

Her displayed emotions include laughing and optimistically asking if she can torture a prisoner and pouting when told she cannot. She’s likely a sociopath.

Mez is also a powerful magic user, with powers that can send the party flying and leaving cracks in whatever wall they slam against. She reacted with extreme anger to Skye hitting her, declaring that no one is allowed to hit her.

She was also found in the secret chamber in Canterlot Palace during Cold Snap’s attack on Princess Luna. Whether she was acting under orders from Scar of Snap isn’t clear. She is also the pony that cast the spell to warp the remaining Seeker Mages (and herself) out of the castle. Whether she was the one who crafted the teleportation circle or not is unclear.


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